PocketScan lets you use your digital camera or camera phone as a scanner! Great for copying receipts, books, notes, whiteboards and more. PocketScan lets you:

  • Sort and rotate your images
  • Crop your images to remove all the extra stuff that is not part of the page. Crop regions do not have to be rectangular, which is useful for bent or partially rotated pages
  • Color level pictures that are mostly black and white text. This makes them much more suitable for printing by increasing their contrast
  • Prints the final book or exports the whole project to a PDF file

The current (beta) versions of PocketScan is also free, really - there's no spyware or ads included! Just use and enjoy. Any feedback you have would be appreciated - please sent any to Alex Demko.

Download for Windows (32 & 64-bit)
Download for Linux 32-bit 64-bit